Statistieken en betekenis van de naam van Wordley

Gebruik: 3% als voornaam, 97% als achternaam.
De voornaam Wordley werd 8 keer gevonden in 2 verschillende landen. (USA,Canada)
De achternaam Wordley wordt minstens 219 keer gebruikt in ten minste 6 landen.
Chinese: 沃德利 (pinyin: wò dé lì)

      Surname Wordley
Gegeven namen
Anthony Wordley (8)
Alice Wordley (7)
Alison Wordley (6)
Andrew Wordley (5)
Alan Wordley (5)
Paul Wordley (5)
Adam Wordley (4)
Amy Wordley (4)
Barbara Wordley (4)
Elizabeth Wordley (4)
Abigail Wordley (3)
John Wordley (3)
Anna Wordley (3)
Stephen Wordley (3)
Karen Wordley (3)
Emma Wordley (2)
Caroline Wordley (2)
Carol Wordley (2)
George Wordley (2)
Claire Wordley (2)
David Wordley (2)
Matthew Wordley (2)
Russell Wordley (2)
Valerie Wordley (2)
Naomi Wordley (2)
Michael Wordley (2)
Lisa Wordley (2)
Brendan Wordley (2)
Liam Wordley (2)
Hilary Wordley (2)
Albert Wordley (2)
Angela Wordley (2)
Annie Wordley (2)
Anita Wordley (2)
Nora Wordley (1)
Nathaniel Wordley (1)
Alexandra Wordley (1)
Peter Wordley (1)
Penelope Wordley (1)
Ally Wordley (1)
Patricia Wordley (1)
Amanda Wordley (1)
Lydia Wordley (1)
Lucy Wordley (1)
Louise Wordley (1)
Maria Wordley (1)
Mark Wordley (1)
Philip Wordley (1)
Martin Wordley (1)
Martha Wordley (1)
Morris Wordley (1)
Rhoda Wordley (1)
Vera Wordley (1)
Adelaide Wordley (1)
Tirion Wordley (1)
Victoria Wordley (1)
William Wordley (1)
Pamela Wordley (1)
Geoffrey Wordley (1)
Zoe Wordley (1)
Thys Wordley (1)
Suzanne Wordley (1)
Sharon Wordley (1)
Roy Wordley (1)
Ronald Wordley (1)
Simon Wordley (1)
Stanley Wordley (1)
Susan Wordley (1)
Stuart Wordley (1)
Adrienne Wordley (1)
Rachael Wordley (1)
Lillian Wordley (1)
Atsuko Wordley (1)
Darren Wordley (1)
Daphne Wordley (1)
Damien Wordley (1)
Dorothy Wordley (1)
Duncan Wordley (1)
Arthur Wordley (1)
Elaine Wordley (1)
Edith Wordley (1)
Aubrey Wordley (1)
Cheryl Wordley (1)
Beryl Wordley (1)
Bertha Wordley (1)
Ben Wordley (1)
Bessie Wordley (1)
Barry Wordley (1)
Aurelia Wordley (1)
Avril Wordley (1)
Candice Wordley (1)
Antony Wordley (1)
Ethel Wordley (1)
Katie Wordley (1)
Anthea Wordley (1)
Joanne Wordley (1)
Keith Wordley (1)
Kenneth Wordley (1)
Benjamin Wordley (1)
Anne Wordley (1)
Lauren Wordley (1)
Joanna Wordley (1)
Jean Wordley (1)
Giles Wordley (1)
Anthonyr Wordley (1)
Gale Wordley (1)
Aarron Wordley (1)
Hilda Wordley (1)
Jayne Wordley (1)
Jacqueline Wordley (1)
Jackie Wordley (1)
Linda Wordley (1)

Wordley Hill (1)


Wordley reversed is Yeldrow
Name contains 7 letters - 42.86% vowels and 57.14% consonants.

Anagrams: Wroydel Dlowyer Wodryle Orydelw Dewyrol
Misspells: Woldley Worrdley Wordlei Vvordley Wordleya Wrodley Wordlye Wordely

Rijmen: Bradley Dudley medley Adderley Ashley Bailey Barkley thirdly absurdly curtly overtly alertly

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Tina Wordley Diegnan says: Last name: Wordley This is a very rare dialectal form of the Olde English village names either Wortley or Wordsley. The meaning in both cases is much the same, the fenced area of pasture from the 6th century 'wyrt-leah'. There are several examples of the village names, although the predominant area is Yorkshire and Lancashire. Locational names were give to people when they moved from the original village, but as they moved further away the spelling form became more distorted, sometimes to the point of being totally unrecognisable. In this case Wortley often exchanged the 't' for a 'd' as it moved south, and sometimes it added letters even into the present century, as in the case of Whordley. We can offer any explanation except a combination of local dialect, which was very strong, and poor spelling, which persists today! Examples of the name recordings include George Worthlye who married Agnis Horne at Bampton, Oxon, on December 4th 1582, James Wordley, who married Diana Burr at the church of St Mary le Bone, London on May 24th 1779, and Charles Whardley, christened at St Dunstans in the East, Stepney, on November 25th 1810. The Coat of Arms is from the time of Richard 11, the blazon being silver, on a bend between six martlets in red, three gold bezants. This indicates a soldier of fortune. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Sir Nicholas de Wortley which was dated Circa 1377, recorded in the Jenyns Roll of Chivalry, during the reign of King Richard 11, known as Richard of Bordeaux, 1377 - 1399. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling. Read more:

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Beroemde mensen: Edward Henry Wordley

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