Statistieken en betekenis van de naam van Suliman

Gebruik: 27% als voornaam, 73% als achternaam.
De voornaam Suliman werd 672 keer gevonden in 29 verschillende landen.
De achternaam Suliman wordt minstens 1804 keer gebruikt in ten minste 39 landen.
Het geslacht van de voornaam Suliman is 0% vrouwelijk en 100% mannelijk.
Chinese: 苏利曼 (pinyin: sū lì màn)

      Surname Suliman
Gegeven namen
Constantin Suliman (10)
Mohammed Suliman (9)
Ion Suliman (8)
Ali Suliman (8)
Vasile Suliman (7)
Mohamed Suliman (7)
Gheorghe Suliman (7)
Ahmed Suliman (6)
Cornelia Suliman (6)
Valentina Suliman (5)
Sevinci Suliman (5)
Nicolae Suliman (5)
Leila Suliman (5)
Elena Suliman (5)
Omer Suliman (4)
Demirel Suliman (4)
Nada Suliman (4)
Costica Suliman (4)
Zecheria Suliman (4)
Traian Suliman (4)
Ridvan Suliman (4)
Suliman Suliman (4)
Nicu Suliman (4)
Sefchi Suliman (4)
Ionel Suliman (4)
Metin Suliman (4)
Anis Suliman (4)
Orhan Suliman (3)
Ecaterina Suliman (3)
Amina Suliman (3)
Mariana Suliman (3)
Neuzat Suliman (3)
Amna Suliman (3)
Eugenia Suliman (3)
Gabriela Suliman (3)
Sena Suliman (3)
Ialcin Suliman (3)
Secil Suliman (3)
Ferida Suliman (3)
Adam Suliman (3)
Samir Suliman (3)
Adil Suliman (3)
Abdul Suliman (3)
Jack Suliman (3)
Azize Suliman (3)
Ana Suliman (3)
Sami Suliman (3)
Mohammad Suliman (3)
Shkar Suliman (3)
Jan Suliman (3)
Corneliu Suliman (3)
Aneta Suliman (3)
Yousif Suliman (2)
Sanie Suliman (2)
Goulam Suliman (2)
Romeo Suliman (2)
Sabri Suliman (2)
Sadredin Suliman (2)
Sezgin Suliman (2)
Sally Suliman (2)
Selma Suliman (2)
Salah Suliman (2)
Selciuc Suliman (2)
Andrea Suliman (2)
Semi Suliman (2)
Sezai Suliman (2)
Hivin Suliman (2)
Nazif Suliman (2)
Nazmie Suliman (2)
Neriman Suliman (2)
Natige Suliman (2)
Nagie Suliman (2)
Murat Suliman (2)
Marija Suliman (2)
Nagi Suliman (2)
Mariam Suliman (2)
Nida Suliman (2)
Paraschiva Suliman (2)
Rizwana Suliman (2)
Radu Suliman (2)
Khairri Suliman (2)
Nurian Suliman (2)
Nina Suliman (2)
Nurgian Suliman (2)
Reis Suliman (2)
Timur Suliman (2)
Ibrahim Suliman (2)
Helen Suliman (2)
Hani Suliman (2)
Khalid Suliman (2)
Adela Suliman (2)
Mudim Suliman (2)
Abdullah Suliman (2)
Mahgoub Suliman (2)
Amal Suliman (2)
Hanadi Suliman (2)
David Suliman (2)
Dawood Suliman (2)
Elfinesh Suliman (2)
Anwar Suliman (2)
Gamal Suliman (2)
Amani Suliman (2)
Ghada Suliman (2)
Amira Suliman (2)
Abdel Suliman (2)
Zubide Suliman (2)
Ulker Suliman (2)
Mustafa Suliman (2)
Usnie Suliman (2)
Turchian Suliman (2)
Paul Suliman (2)
Richard Suliman (2)
Elias Suliman (2)
Titi Suliman (2)
Vagide Suliman (2)
Muhammad Suliman (2)
Matthew Suliman (2)
Ziia Suliman (2)
Mahmoud Suliman (2)
Zamfira Suliman (2)
Virginia Suliman (2)
Viorel Suliman (2)
Mohamad Suliman (2)
Virgil Suliman (2)
Silvia Suliman (2)
Zechia Suliman (2)
Ilie Suliman (2)
Dorina Suliman (2)
Ichvan Suliman (2)
Ibram Suliman (2)
Atnan Suliman (2)
Dumitru Suliman (2)
Ilmi Suliman (2)
Doina Suliman (2)
Birsen Suliman (2)
Cadibula Suliman (2)
Iusni Suliman (2)
Iulian Suliman (2)
Ioana Suliman (2)
Ecrem Suliman (2)
Husmen Suliman (2)
Eufrosina Suliman (2)
Etem Suliman (2)
Ferat Suliman (2)
Feedin Suliman (2)
Fatma Suliman (2)
Erdun Suliman (2)
Florea Suliman (2)
Atiea Suliman (2)
Elan Suliman (2)
Anghel Suliman (2)
Achim Suliman (2)
Florinel Suliman (2)
Cadri Suliman (2)
Ionica Suliman (2)
Carani Suliman (2)
Cetin Suliman (2)
Lutfie Suliman (2)
Mamurie Suliman (2)
Marin Suliman (2)
Magdalena Suliman (2)
Mezbure Suliman (2)
Maria Suliman (2)
Marem Suliman (2)
Jarma Suliman (1)
Safia Suliman (1)
Jihan Suliman (1)
Said Suliman (1)
Rado Suliman (1)
Rami Suliman (1)
Jama Suliman (1)
Isam Suliman (1)
Imran Suliman (1)
Rowda Suliman (1)
Ramsay Suliman (1)
Catinca Suliman (1)
Shahida Suliman (1)
Husham Suliman (1)
Hiba Suliman (1)
Shahid Suliman (1)
Shirley Suliman (1)
Shehnaz Suliman (1)
Hussam Suliman (1)
Aiten Suliman (1)
Andrei Suliman (1)
Joe Suliman (1)
Salaheldin Suliman (1)
Ibnauf Suliman (1)
Salma Suliman (1)
Amet Suliman (1)
Sajjaad Suliman (1)
Azis Suliman (1)
Beizan Suliman (1)
Mohammet Suliman (1)
Muhammed Suliman (1)
Muna Suliman (1)
Beinur Suliman (1)
Khlood Suliman (1)
Beynur Suliman (1)
Laila Suliman (1)

Given name Suliman
Suliman Suliman (4)
Suliman Mustafa (4)
Suliman Osman (3)
Suliman Memet (3)
Suliman Ouchen (3)
Suliman Mohamed (3)
Suliman Sabani (2)
Suliman Calil (2)
Suliman Afzali (2)
Suliman Mansaray (2)
Suliman Bari (2)
Suliman Babaiani (2)
Suliman Ali (2)
Suliman Mohammed (2)
Suliman Hertani (2)
Suliman Veli (2)
Suliman Khodabacus (1)
Suliman Merso (1)
Suliman Haroun (1)
Suliman Ahmad (1)
Suliman Matar (1)
Suliman Gok (1)
Suliman Mahdi (1)
Suliman Emica (1)
Suliman Berksi (1)
Suliman Banian (1)
Suliman Asghar (1)
Suliman Allos (1)
Suliman Bouhafer (1)
Suliman Derras (1)
Suliman Faniq (1)
Suliman Ertas (1)
Suliman Nuri (1)
Suliman Ghomri (1)
Suliman Sulimani (1)
Suliman Noore (1)
Suliman Hussein (1)
Suliman Hassan (1)
Suliman Dire (1)
Suliman Schalizi (1)
Suliman Sulimankhil (1)
Suliman Audu (1)
Suliman Selmani (1)
Suliman Yousef (1)
Suliman Cassimjee (1)
Suliman Albazi (1)
Suliman Sheikkadiyar (1)
Suliman Shaffi (1)
Suliman Wian (1)
Suliman Etemi (1)
Suliman Abdelaziz (1)
Suliman Agha (1)
Suliman Hadi (1)
Suliman Antolin (1)
Suliman Temo (1)
Suliman Mustifa (1)
Suliman Adnan (1)
Suliman Adejojo (1)
Suliman Domir (1)
Suliman Adil (1)
Suliman Hindi (1)
Suliman Aladin (1)
Suliman Amine (1)
Suliman Amare (1)
Suliman Ghaleb (1)
Suliman Abedin (1)
Suliman Huseim (1)
Suliman Jinnah (1)
Suliman Ralnasih (1)
Suliman Amini (1)
Suliman Amir (1)
Suliman Ahmadi (1)
Suliman Hamdi (1)
Suliman Hasan (1)
Suliman Demir (1)
Suliman Feizi (1)
Suliman Amod (1)
Suliman Anezi (1)
Suliman Amery (1)
Suliman Maroof (1)
Suliman Manawar (1)
Suliman Manal (1)
Suliman Rassul (1)
Suliman Rizek (1)
Suliman Wissam (1)
Suliman Sikandar (1)
Suliman Salim (1)
Suliman Kiyar (1)
Suliman Julal (1)
Suliman Charm (1)
Suliman Cajee (1)
Suliman Belal (1)
Suliman Bator (1)
Suliman Elhasham (1)
Suliman Fadi (1)
Suliman Ghanbari (1)
Suliman Ghafari (1)
Suliman Fortia (1)
Suliman Yaqubi (1)

Suliman   Suliman   Suliman   Suliman   Suliman   

Suliman reversed is Namilus
Name contains 7 letters - 42.86% vowels and 57.14% consonants.

Anagrams: Sluniam Imluans Imusnal Ulniams Nusliam Naumlis
Misspells: Sulimon Ssuliman Sulyman Suljman Suleman Sulimana Sluiman Sulimna Suliamn

Rijmen: Ahriman Maiman Suleiman Alabaman Altman Amman freeman demon seamen seaman semen

Meaning of this name is unknown.
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Old Wiki
Name: Suliman
Gender: Masculine
Variants/ Mispellings: Suleiman, Solyman, Solomon[Aramaic, Hebrew], Süleyman[Turkish], Suleyman, Sulaiman, Sulejman[Albanian, Slavic], Solimon
Location: Middle East
Language: Arabian
Thematic: Middle East, Islamic
Meaning: Peace; a man of peace;submission[to the will of God] {i.e.-"salaam-man"}
Commentary: The name Suliman is most synonymous with the famous king of Palestine; described in Middle Eastern scriptures as a wise ruler of this empire. He was born in Jerusalem around 1000 BC and reigned as king over Palestine from 971 BC to 931 BC.
The scriptural accounts identify Suliman as the son of Dawud [aka- David in the Bible and Torah]. He is also called "Jedidiah" in the Tanakh (Old Testament), where he was described as the third king of the United Monarchy, and the final king before the northern Kingdom of Palestine and the southern Kingdom of Judah split asunder. Following the split, his patrilineal descendants ruled over Judah alone.
In Qur'an his account slightly differs. Where his age was concerned he was recorded as living but 53 years of life. In addition to corroborating his honorable personal qualities, learning much from his father King Dawud [David]and such; he was subsequently made a prophet by ALLAH and given power over all creatures. Ruling a large kingdom that extended south into Yemen, he was also said to have been given control over various elements, such as the wind and transportation. In addition he had excellent relations with the Jinn as well as animals. There exists an allegory of when Suliman was to die, that he stood up in prayer holding his cane. There he silently died; but by ALLAH's will, did not fall. He remained in this position, and everyone including the Jinns thought that he was still alive. Finally God ordered a termite to weaken the cane so that the body of Suliman fell. Thus, it was thereafter demonstrated to the Jinn (along with all the humans) that they did not know everything and only God has knowledge of all.
The Bible and Torah also describe King Solomon as the completer of an alleged First Temple in Jerusalem; whose existence and "discovery" remains highly controversial to this day. Nonetheless, each account in The Torah, Bible and Qur'an all portray Suliman as a regal, laudable man: great in wisdom, wealth, and power.
Another famous Suliman, Suleiman the Magnificent, was the Sultan of Turkey (1520-1566 AD) under whose governance the Ottoman Empire reached the height of its power. Also known as the Lawgiver, he built bridges, mosques, aqueducts, and fortresses, and vastly increased the expanse and wealth of the Ottoman Empire. Suleiman was responsible for a proliferation of art and literature that is greatly valued even today; his namesake mosque still stands in the capital Istanbul, Turkey.*
The noble name Suliman is the subject of many other abundant references, stories and legends. The men named this have an uncanny ability to live up to its standard. :)

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Beroemde mensen: Khalid Suliman Abdi, Ali Suliman

schrijvers: Suliman Essuman, Suliman Bashear, Osman Suliman, Suliman Hawamdeh, Suliman Hamdan Albalawi, Najaty Suliman Jabary, Mohamed Osman Suliman, Suliman Al-Hawamdeh

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