Statistieken en betekenis van de naam van Sandvoss

Gebruik: 2% als voornaam, 98% als achternaam.
De voornaam Sandvoss werd 5 keer gevonden in 1 verschillende landen. (USA)
De achternaam Sandvoss wordt minstens 183 keer gebruikt in ten minste 5 landen.
Chinese: 桑德福斯 (pinyin: sāng dé fú sī)

      Surname Sandvoss
Gegeven namen
Sharon Sandvoss (3)
Katherine Sandvoss (3)
Peter Sandvoss (2)
Noel Sandvoss (2)
Otto Sandvoss (2)
Andreas Sandvoss (2)
Manfred Sandvoss (2)
Rolf Sandvoss (2)
Irmgard Sandvoss (2)
Dieter Sandvoss (2)
Wolfgang Sandvoss (2)
Horst Sandvoss (2)
Cornel Sandvoss (2)
Karl Sandvoss (1)
Hedwig Sandvoss (1)
Kim Sandvoss (1)
Klaus Sandvoss (1)
Karen Sandvoss (1)
Henning Sandvoss (1)
Jan Sandvoss (1)
Knut Sandvoss (1)
Herta Sandvoss (1)
Hermann Sandvoss (1)
Irina Sandvoss (1)
Helmut Sandvoss (1)
Maria Sandvoss (1)
Ulrich Sandvoss (1)
Thea Sandvoss (1)
Ursula Sandvoss (1)
Volker Sandvoss (1)
Werner Sandvoss (1)
Waldemar Sandvoss (1)
Susi Sandvoss (1)
Stephanie Sandvoss (1)
Manuela Sandvoss (1)
Liesbeth Sandvoss (1)
Hanni Sandvoss (1)
Ruth Sandvoss (1)
Sabine Sandvoss (1)
Kurt Sandvoss (1)
Gerrit Sandvoss (1)
Paul Sandvoss (1)
Martin Sandvoss (1)
Joanne Sandvoss (1)
Susan Sandvoss (1)
Tina Sandvoss (1)
Albrecht Sandvoss (1)
Adolf Sandvoss (1)
Helge Sandvoss (1)
Cornell Sandvoss (1)
Cheryl Sandvoss (1)
Mike Sandvoss (1)
Chas Sandvoss (1)
Ada Sandvoss (1)
Carole Sandvoss (1)
Carl Sandvoss (1)
Alexander Sandvoss (1)
Andre Sandvoss (1)
Frank Sandvoss (1)
Ernst Sandvoss (1)
Franziska Sandvoss (1)
Judith Sandvoss (1)
Guido Sandvoss (1)
Gisela Sandvoss (1)
Erich Sandvoss (1)
Diana Sandvoss (1)
Axel Sandvoss (1)
Annegret Sandvoss (1)
Bernd Sandvoss (1)
Bettina Sandvoss (1)
David Sandvoss (1)
Daniela Sandvoss (1)
Gustav Sandvoss (1)

Sandvoss   Sandvoss   

Sandvoss reversed is Ssovdnas
Name contains 8 letters - 25.00% vowels and 75.00% consonants.

Misspells: Sondvoss Ssandvoss Sandboss Sandvossa Snadvoss Sandvsos

Rijmen: Cross Gross Moss Ross across albatross boss sauce dross applesauce loss

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Teri Bruce says: This is my maiden name and was told it was German and there is mention on a cornel von sandvoss

Nadine Sandvoss says: Hey, while I've search for my familytree, I stumbled across your page. I was actually in search for relatives. As far as I know that Sandvoss was originaly spelled Sandvoß. Someone once told me that Sandvoß is a "Constructed Noun" wich basicly means a word with at least two Nouns. The first word ist Sand wich is sand, nothing special here. The second ist Voss or Voß wich is an Oldgerman word for Voigt and Fuchs. Voigt was a Title of a lawyer in the middle ages. Fuchs is the fox. The name can mean Sandfox as well as Lawyer of the Sand. Hope that maybe helped. Best wishes from germany.

david sandvoss says: its white, thats all i know.

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Beroemde mensen: Steve Sandvoss

schrijvers: Frank Sandvoss, Cornel Sandvoss, Ernst R. Sandvoss

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