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We have no records about Rondanini being used as firstname.
De achternaam Rondanini wordt minstens 189 keer gebruikt in ten minste 6 landen.
Chinese: 龙达尼尼 (pinyin: lóng dá ní ní)

      Surname Rondanini
Gegeven namen
Roberto Rondanini (8)
Luigi Rondanini (7)
Gennaro Rondanini (5)
Sergio Rondanini (5)
Luciano Rondanini (4)
Carlo Rondanini (4)
Umberto Rondanini (3)
Marco Rondanini (3)
Pasquale Rondanini (3)
Stefano Rondanini (3)
Alberto Rondanini (3)
Franca Rondanini (2)
Enrico Rondanini (2)
Giuseppina Rondanini (2)
Fulvio Rondanini (2)
Maria Rondanini (2)
Piero Rondanini (2)
Vincenzo Rondanini (2)
Michela Rondanini (2)
Massimo Rondanini (2)
Luisa Rondanini (2)
Dario Rondanini (2)
Laura Rondanini (2)
Giuseppe Rondanini (2)
Cesare Rondanini (2)
Andrea Rondanini (2)
Claudio Rondanini (2)
Aldo Rondanini (2)
Antonio Rondanini (2)
Carmine Rondanini (2)
Raffaele Rondanini (1)
Pierluigi Rondanini (1)
Primina Rondanini (1)
Pierpaolo Rondanini (1)
Pierangelo Rondanini (1)
Nunzia Rondanini (1)
Nelda Rondanini (1)
Mirco Rondanini (1)
Palmiro Rondanini (1)
Paola Rondanini (1)
Amedeo Rondanini (1)
Patrizia Rondanini (1)
Angela Rondanini (1)
Pierino Rondanini (1)
Rosalinda Rondanini (1)
William Rondanini (1)
Virginia Rondanini (1)
Virgilio Rondanini (1)
Pierre Rondanini (1)
Catherine Rondanini (1)
Maurice Rondanini (1)
Vincent Rondanini (1)
Adriano Rondanini (1)
Vanda Rondanini (1)
Ambrogio Rondanini (1)
Milena Rondanini (1)
Romolo Rondanini (1)
Alessandro Rondanini (1)
Teresa Rondanini (1)
Valeria Rondanini (1)
Tino Rondanini (1)
Rocco Rondanini (1)
Maurizio Rondanini (1)
Franco Rondanini (1)
Flavio Rondanini (1)
Felice Rondanini (1)
Fulgenzio Rondanini (1)
Ciro Rondanini (1)
Gianfilippo Rondanini (1)
Giancarla Rondanini (1)
Fabrizio Rondanini (1)
Fabio Rondanini (1)
Elio Rondanini (1)
Elena Rondanini (1)
Egidio Rondanini (1)
Elvio Rondanini (1)
Daniela Rondanini (1)
Ettore Rondanini (1)
Eraldo Rondanini (1)
Gianni Rondanini (1)
Gianpaolo Rondanini (1)
Arnaldo Rondanini (1)
Athos Rondanini (1)
Marcello Rondanini (1)
Mario Rondanini (1)
Mauda Rondanini (1)
Mauro Rondanini (1)
Daniele Rondanini (1)
Azio Rondanini (1)
Barbara Rondanini (1)
Giuliano Rondanini (1)
Giovanni Rondanini (1)
Giuseppa Rondanini (1)
Carla Rondanini (1)
Benedetto Rondanini (1)
Guido Rondanini (1)
Angelo Rondanini (1)


Rondanini reversed is Ininadnor
Name contains 9 letters - 44.44% vowels and 55.56% consonants.

Anagrams: Odrinnani Rodniinna Innonirad
Misspells: Rondonini Londanini Rrondanini Rondanyni Rondanjni Rondaneni Rondaninia Rnodanini Rondaniin Rondannii

Rijmen: Paganini Toscanini Bernini Giannini saturnine methionine nomine pontine leonine

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Daniele Rondanini says: Rondanini is the mame of an italian ancient noble family. In Rome there is Palace Rondanini, Place Rondanini. Palace Rondanini is the place where Migelangelo's last Pieta was located along about three century, as Marchese Rondanini was a sensible collectionist of very important artistic treasures.

Daniele Rondanini says: Palace Rondanini was built in 1744-1748 for baron Rondanini on the site of the other construction, which was created by F.Ponzio and belonged to an artist Cavalier d'Arpino. After 1760 the new palace was enlarged by G.Valvassori in direction of the church of S.Giacomo and finished by creation of double entrance door bordered by four columns and a balcony above it. The palace contained a good collection of marbles taken from the burial zone in Tor Pignattara. There are some pieces still left in a courtyard and along a staircase. One hall inside was famous for its pavement made of a number of precious marbles and rare stones. For a long period it was a house of celebrated work of Michelangelo "Pieta' Rondanini", which was moved later to Milan. In front of Palazzo Rondanini is a house where Goethe stayed in 1786-1788, now it is a seat of Goethe Museum, which contains designs, writings, copies of manuscripts, different documents and etc. all speaking about passion of the poet for Italy and Rome.

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