Statistieken en betekenis van de naam van Lungershausen

Gebruik: 1% als voornaam, 99% als achternaam.
De voornaam Lungershausen werd 1 keer gevonden in 1 verschillende landen. (USA)
De achternaam Lungershausen wordt minstens 78 keer gebruikt in ten minste 8 landen.
Chinese: 隆格斯豪森 (pinyin: lōng gé sī háo sēn)

      Surname Lungershausen
Gegeven namen
Horst Lungershausen (4)
Dieter Lungershausen (3)
Udo Lungershausen (2)
Ilko Lungershausen (2)
Willi Lungershausen (2)
Thomas Lungershausen (2)
Uwe Lungershausen (2)
Martin Lungershausen (2)
Lieselotte Lungershausen (1)
Norbert Lungershausen (1)
Lothar Lungershausen (1)
Peter Lungershausen (1)
Natascha Lungershausen (1)
Max Lungershausen (1)
Melanie Lungershausen (1)
Ramona Lungershausen (1)
Silvia Lungershausen (1)
Meike Lungershausen (1)
Christian Lungershausen (1)
Jorg Lungershausen (1)
Jorn Lungershausen (1)
Sven Lungershausen (1)
Steffen Lungershausen (1)
Rolf Lungershausen (1)
Lars Lungershausen (1)
Simone Lungershausen (1)
Reinhard Lungershausen (1)
Kerstin Lungershausen (1)
Eckhard Lungershausen (1)
Edeltraud Lungershausen (1)
Frank Lungershausen (1)
Fred Lungershausen (1)
Dietrich Lungershausen (1)
Dietmar Lungershausen (1)
Ulrike Lungershausen (1)
Alfred Lungershausen (1)
Annelie Lungershausen (1)
Bernd Lungershausen (1)
Friseur Lungershausen (1)
Gerhard Lungershausen (1)
Irina Lungershausen (1)
Jan Lungershausen (1)
Katrin Lungershausen (1)
Eric Lungershausen (1)
Inge Lungershausen (1)
Helmut Lungershausen (1)
Gertrud Lungershausen (1)
Gunter Lungershausen (1)
Hanni Lungershausen (1)
Heinz Lungershausen (1)
Klaus Lungershausen (1)

Lungershausen   Lungershausen   Lungershausen   

Lungershausen reversed is Nesuahsregnul
Name contains 13 letters - 38.46% vowels and 61.54% consonants.

Misspells: Lungershousen Lungelshausen Lungerrshausen Lungersshausen Lungershausena Lnugershausen Lungershausne Lungershauesn

Rijmen: Münchhausen Stockhausen Amundsen Andersen Bunsen fountain fellowmen ploughman fellowman plowman

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Helmut Lungershausen says: In a church register around the year 1300 the first persons with the name „Hartungus de Lungeshusen“ and „Henricus de Lungishusen“ are mentioned. The dynasty had been chevaliers of he count of Heldrungen, located in Thuringia/Germany. The count was in fact a robber baron, who was defeated. After being defeated the dynasty lost its peerage. An unconfirmed source tells the story, that the peerage was sold and the money was used to found a brewery. There is still today a deserted village called Lundershausen near Heldrungen. The medieval sound shift is he reason of the variation, and the name Lundershausen is a branch oft the family. There are no sources available between 1350 an 1500. The first civic Lungershausens are found in the sources after 1500. Today there are many stirps of the family Lungershausen and Lundershausen. Reference: Lungershausen, Oswald: Zur Geschichte des Sippenverbands Lungershausen/Lundershausen. Updated by Arnold Lungershausen, Henstedt-Ulzburg 1991 Referred by Helmut Lungershausen helmut.lungershausen(at)

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