Statistieken en betekenis van de naam van Kiwi

Gebruik: 59% als voornaam, 41% als achternaam.
De voornaam Kiwi werd 273 keer gevonden in 27 verschillende landen.
De achternaam Kiwi wordt minstens 188 keer gebruikt in ten minste 27 landen.
Het geslacht van de voornaam Kiwi is 62% vrouwelijk en 38% mannelijk.
Chinese: 吉维 (pinyin: Jí wéi)

      Surname Kiwi
Gegeven namen
May Kiwi (1)
Ann Kiwi (1)
Mahin Kiwi (1)
Juan Kiwi (1)
Lisa Kiwi (1)
Kurt Kiwi (1)
Francois Kiwi (1)
Monica Kiwi (1)
Victor Kiwi (1)
Zen Kiwi (1)
Claude Kiwi (1)
Newton Kiwi (1)

Given name Kiwi
Kiwi Penzion (3)
Kiwi Kemeny (2)
Kiwi Kjoller (2)
Kiwi Leeuwen (1)
Kiwi Hornung (1)
Kiwi Olsson (1)
Kiwi Gejas (1)
Kiwi Jorgensen (1)
Kiwi Heerdegen (1)
Kiwi Sinnott (1)
Kiwi Furusa (1)
Kiwi Pradel (1)
Kiwi Stanners (1)
Kiwi Randlov (1)


Kiwi reversed is Iwik
Name contains 4 letters - 50.00% vowels and 50.00% consonants.

Anagrams: Kiiw Kwii Iwik Ikwi Iiwk Iwki
Misspells: Kywi Kivvi Kjwi Kewi Kiwia Kwii Kiiw

Rijmen: peewee genii geeky easy

Meaning of this name is unknown.
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Old Wiki
Name: Kiwi
Gender: Feminine
Origin: New Zealand
Language: Kiweena
Thematic: Mythology
Meaning: Foreign, usually from the mythical land of new zealand. Kiwi means 'flightless bird'
Comments: Kiwi's are imigrants from nz, who decided to ditch sheep for kangaroos. They usually have redish hair, and are prone to fits of violent rage, usually against the other mythical creature, the Tucci. They are also susceptible to accusing other very innocent people of being racist.
Kiwi birds are blind and flightless. unfortunately this blindness means that they cannot read simple sentences such as...this makes us consider. Kiwi often make mistakes such as thinking it says...this molus consider.
Kiwi are red feathered which matches their tendency to fly to places with fire...yes, its true kiwi are tru pyromaniacs who have a fixation with burning innocent speccies such as the Janni.
However, sometimes the janni's and the kiwi's collabarate in order to attack/burn innocent species such as the Kate. New research has found that it is true that the red feathers of the Kiwi make it more attracted to other red objects, like fire, and in some cases, red flags that are being waved at bulls. Because of this very reckless habit, kiwi's are most often found in the emergency ward of dodgy hospitals.

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