Statistieken en betekenis van de naam van Isermann

Gebruik: 1% als voornaam, 99% als achternaam.
De voornaam Isermann werd 4 keer gevonden in 1 verschillende landen. (USA)
De achternaam Isermann wordt minstens 273 keer gebruikt in ten minste 8 landen.
Chinese: 伊泽曼 (pinyin: yī zé màn)

      Surname Isermann
Gegeven namen
Heinrich Isermann (5)
Horst Isermann (5)
Michael Isermann (4)
Gerhard Isermann (4)
Werner Isermann (4)
Heinz Isermann (3)
Martin Isermann (3)
Thomas Isermann (3)
Udo Isermann (3)
Stephan Isermann (3)
Reinhold Isermann (3)
Wolfgang Isermann (3)
Dieter Isermann (3)
Stefan Isermann (3)
Friedel Isermann (2)
Renate Isermann (2)
Ewald Isermann (2)
Paul Isermann (2)
Rainer Isermann (2)
Peter Isermann (2)
Erich Isermann (2)
Michaela Isermann (2)
Manfred Isermann (2)
Jens Isermann (2)
Malermeister Isermann (2)
Karl Isermann (2)
Klaus Isermann (2)
Jan Isermann (2)
Maria Isermann (2)
Georg Isermann (2)
Rolf Isermann (2)
Hans Isermann (2)
Helmut Isermann (2)
Friedrich Isermann (2)
Egon Isermann (2)
Wilfried Isermann (2)
Bernd Isermann (2)
Alfons Isermann (2)
Ursula Isermann (2)
Andreas Isermann (2)
Andrea Isermann (2)
Wilhelm Isermann (2)
Angelika Isermann (2)
Christiane Isermann (2)
Marlene Isermann (1)
Meike Isermann (1)
Margarita Isermann (1)
Markus Isermann (1)
Willi Isermann (1)
Lucie Isermann (1)
Lucia Isermann (1)
Ingrid Isermann (1)
Tim Isermann (1)
Ludger Isermann (1)
Willy Isermann (1)
Miriam Isermann (1)
Maike Isermann (1)
Margarete Isermann (1)
Uwe Isermann (1)
Silivia Isermann (1)
Petra Isermann (1)
Sophie Isermann (1)
Ralf Isermann (1)
Lore Isermann (1)
Ruth Isermann (1)
Siegfried Isermann (1)
Regina Isermann (1)
Stefanie Isermann (1)
Stephanie Isermann (1)
Nicole Isermann (1)
Utta Isermann (1)
Roswitha Isermann (1)
Niklas Isermann (1)
Theodor Isermann (1)
Otto Isermann (1)
Oliver Isermann (1)
Nils Isermann (1)
Walter Isermann (1)
Inge Isermann (1)
Christoph Isermann (1)
Dagmar Isermann (1)
Christa Isermann (1)
Burkhard Isermann (1)
Bettina Isermann (1)
Damar Isermann (1)
Danny Isermann (1)
Dominik Isermann (1)
Doris Isermann (1)
Dietrich Isermann (1)
Dietmar Isermann (1)
Detlef Isermann (1)
Berndt Isermann (1)
Barthold Isermann (1)
Alfred Isermann (1)
Aloys Isermann (1)
Albert Isermann (1)
Adolf Isermann (1)
Renee Isermann (1)
Aloysius Isermann (1)
Anselm Isermann (1)
Axel Isermann (1)
Barbara Isermann (1)
August Isermann (1)
Armin Isermann (1)
Anton Isermann (1)
Eckhardt Isermann (1)
Edelgard Isermann (1)
Holger Isermann (1)
Jessica Isermann (1)
Herbert Isermann (1)
Henry Isermann (1)
Fabienne Isermann (1)
Irmgard Isermann (1)
Johann Isermann (1)
Katja Isermann (1)
Katrin Isermann (1)
Juliane Isermann (1)
Josefine Isermann (1)
Josef Isermann (1)
Heidrun Isermann (1)
Hedwig Isermann (1)
Elsa Isermann (1)
Erika Isermann (1)
Elke Isermann (1)
Elisabeth Isermann (1)
Edgar Isermann (1)
Erwin Isermann (1)
Felix Isermann (1)
Gerda Isermann (1)
Gustav Isermann (1)
Gabriele Isermann (1)
Franz Isermann (1)
Frank Isermann (1)
Krankenpfleger Isermann (1)

Isermann   Isermann   

Isermann reversed is Nnamresi
Name contains 8 letters - 37.50% vowels and 62.50% consonants.

Anagrams: Nsenarim Msenirna Nsieranm
Misspells: Isermonn Iselmann Iserrmann Issermann Ysermann Jsermann Esermann Isermanna Iesrmann Isermnan

Rijmen: Wassermann Bertelsmann Boltzmann Bultmann Eichmann Hauptmann Lippmann

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Uwe Isermann says: The river Iser is a contributor to the river Elbe in what was known as the Sudetenland.The name Isermann seams to have started around Osnabrück in the middle ages.The Elbe is tidal up to just upstream from Hamburg.It seams logical that rafters from the "Iser" came downstream until the river became tidal.To difficult to go on.Osnabruck is not all that far west from that point.Hence "the man from the Iser became known as "Isermann".

Stefan Isermann says: The meaning of this surname is something like isen man, the iron man. It's no hero of the marvel universe. it isn't even a name for a knight. It's the local Collector for old metals or a second hand seller of metal or in another interpretation I have read it is the given name for a man with a strict mind, an "eisernen Charakter", an iron charakter so we call this in Germany.

Use Isermann says: River Iser is a right side contributary to the River Elbe The.Elbe is tidal to near Hamburg.Around AD 1500 the name ' Isermann' appeard in the Osnabruck area of Northern Germany. It is probable that timber man from the Iser River rafted towards the sea until incoming tides stopped them near Geesthacht. Locals would have referred to them as "the men from the Iser' As good or better an explanation as most.

Uwe Isermann says: The river Iser flows into river Elbe. Just up stream from Hamburg near Geesthacht does the Elbe become tidal making it difficult for rafters to go further downstream .They were probably timber man trying to take timber to market or to find a better world. The name appears first in the middle ages in north-western Germany near the city of Osnabrück .The locals probabably refered to them as "the man from the Iser" (both mountain range and the River )

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schrijvers: Jim Isermann, Heinz Isermann, Rolf Isermann

Boeken: "Jim Isermann: fifteen"

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