Statistieken en betekenis van de naam van Freeborough

Gebruik: 1% als voornaam, 99% als achternaam.
De voornaam Freeborough werd 2 keer gevonden in 1 verschillende landen. (USA)
De achternaam Freeborough wordt minstens 162 keer gebruikt in ten minste 4 landen.

      Surname Freeborough
Gegeven namen
David Freeborough (11)
James Freeborough (8)
Alison Freeborough (4)
John Freeborough (4)
Barbara Freeborough (3)
Fiona Freeborough (3)
Helen Freeborough (3)
Christine Freeborough (3)
Bryan Freeborough (2)
Margaret Freeborough (2)
Catherine Freeborough (2)
Caroline Freeborough (2)
Brian Freeborough (2)
Jacqueline Freeborough (2)
Hilary Freeborough (2)
Andrew Freeborough (2)
Alice Freeborough (2)
Annabel Freeborough (2)
Emma Freeborough (2)
Kathleen Freeborough (1)
Kate Freeborough (1)
Kathryn Freeborough (1)
Jack Freeborough (1)
Michael Freeborough (1)
Peter Freeborough (1)
Ruth Freeborough (1)
Simon Freeborough (1)
Valerie Freeborough (1)
Paul Freeborough (1)
Olivia Freeborough (1)
Lilian Freeborough (1)
May Freeborough (1)
Nicola Freeborough (1)
Lavinia Freeborough (1)
Dorothy Freeborough (1)
Betty Freeborough (1)
Carole Freeborough (1)
Carol Freeborough (1)
Christa Freeborough (1)
Beatrice Freeborough (1)
Anne Freeborough (1)
Alan Freeborough (1)
Alexandra Freeborough (1)
Angela Freeborough (1)
Christarose Freeborough (1)
Christina Freeborough (1)
Abigail Freeborough (1)
Edith Freeborough (1)
Gail Freeborough (1)
Graham Freeborough (1)
Andrea Freeborough (1)
Daniel Freeborough (1)
Christopher Freeborough (1)
Claire Freeborough (1)
Cyril Freeborough (1)
Heather Freeborough (1)


Freeborough reversed is Hguorobeerf
Name contains 11 letters - 45.45% vowels and 54.55% consonants.

Anagrams: Regofbehruo Rhuogrebfoe Eogrehborfu Befgoruoher
Misspells: Fleeborough Frreeborough Freeborougha Fereborough Freeborouhg Freeboroguh

Rijmen: Gainsborough Marlborough Scarborough borough breakthrough rough thorough

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Paul Freeborough says: “The Anglo-Saxons had a system by which the members of a “tithing”, i.e. a tenth of a “hundred”, were mutual sureties for each other’s behaviour. This system was called frithborh. It is compounded from “frith”, peace, and “borh”, pledge, surety. The first word is Common Teutonic, the second is related to our verb to borrow, which originally meant to take on security and also has Teutonic cognates. Later forms are “fridborg”, “friborg”. The Normans took over this institution, but mistook the first element for “free” and rendered it by “frankpledge”, from Old Fr. “franc1”, free, and “pleige”, pledge. The English form survives in the surname Freeborough. (Similar surnames are Borrow, Shurety and Mainprice, all three of almost identical meaning). Both the English and French words were used of individuals as well as of community, taking more or less the sense of constable. The Oxford Dictionary does not find “frankpledge” in this sense before the 16th century; Robert le francplege is in Archbishop Gray’s Register for the year 1237." (‘More Words Ancient and Modern’ by Ernest Weekley)

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Beroemde mensen: Edward Freeborough

schrijvers: E Freeborough, Robert M. Freeborough

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