Statistieken en betekenis van de naam van Fakhro

Gebruik: 7% als voornaam, 93% als achternaam.
De voornaam Fakhro werd 10 keer gevonden in 5 verschillende landen.
De achternaam Fakhro wordt minstens 122 keer gebruikt in ten minste 10 landen.
Chinese: 法赫鲁 (pinyin: fǎ hè lǔ)

      Surname Fakhro
Gegeven namen
Yousef Fakhro (5)
Omar Fakhro (5)
Ahmad Fakhro (5)
Mohammed Fakhro (4)
Walid Fakhro (3)
Khaled Fakhro (3)
Zeinab Fakhro (2)
Sara Fakhro (2)
Amira Fakhro (2)
Salah Fakhro (2)
Ibrahim Fakhro (2)
Hassan Fakhro (2)
Vojsava Fakhro (2)
Mahmoud Fakhro (2)
Dena Fakhro (2)
Marie Fakhro (2)
Mohammad Fakhro (1)
Saleh Fakhro (1)
Mouhamed Fakhro (1)
Mona Fakhro (1)
Mounir Fakhro (1)
Moussa Fakhro (1)
Nisrine Fakhro (1)
Sirag Fakhro (1)
Yosef Fakhro (1)
Yasmin Fakhro (1)
Zainab Fakhro (1)
Zakaria Fakhro (1)
Zuheir Fakhro (1)
Wafaa Fakhro (1)
Trkye Fakhro (1)
Sania Fakhro (1)
Samir Fakhro (1)
Sheik Fakhro (1)
Mohamed Fakhro (1)
Taufik Fakhro (1)
Salwa Fakhro (1)
Livia Fakhro (1)
Ahmed Fakhro (1)
Ranadan Fakhro (1)
Ayman Fakhro (1)
Aziz Fakhro (1)
Basem Fakhro (1)
Loulou Fakhro (1)
Munira Fakhro (1)
Angela Fakhro (1)
Amine Fakhro (1)
Anisa Fakhro (1)
Samah Fakhro (1)
Tarek Fakhro (1)
Bassam Fakhro (1)
Esman Fakhro (1)
Karmo Fakhro (1)
Issam Fakhro (1)
Lobna Fakhro (1)
Mahmod Fakhro (1)
Maryam Fakhro (1)
Issa Fakhro (1)
Imad Fakhro (1)
Hamza Fakhro (1)
Haissam Fakhro (1)
Haysam Fakhro (1)
Hoda Fakhro (1)
Hussein Fakhro (1)
Meisa Fakhro (1)

Given name Fakhro
Fakhro Osman (1)
Fakhro Hussein (1)


Fakhro reversed is Orhkaf
Name contains 6 letters - 33.33% vowels and 66.67% consonants.

Anagrams: Akhofr Kfarho Fkaroh Rhofka
Misspells: Fokhro Fakhlo Fakhrro Fakhroa Fkahro Fakhor Fakrho

Rijmen: halo sago vaso haymow rainbow

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Mohamed Al Fakhro says: The Al-Fakhro family is attributed to their grandfather Fakher from Wuhaba from Banu Tamim. The name Fakhro came from their grandparent Fakher whose son of Handalah from banu Tamim bin Mor bin AD bin Muder bin Adnan which is considered as a very ancient Arab tribe dwelled by people from the midst of the Arabian Peninsula. The Al Fakhro is considered to be highly respected by the leaders as well as the other families and tribes; they are considered to be Sunni Arabs. Some members of this family have played major roles in the political, economic, and social lives. In addition, they have been very close to the ruling families in Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Al Fakhro belongs to Banu Tamim and has been mentioned in ‘Gazetteer of the Arabian Gulf’ written by J.G. Lorimer. The Al Fakhro family settled in both Qatar and Bahrain during the seventeenth century. This is because they were obliged to move from Najd (Sudair region), where the well of Al-Fakhrawiya still exists, to the eastern side of the Arab Peninsula due to severe drought conditions in that period of time. In Qatar, they notably settled in the regions of Nozwah, Tembek, Tha'ayin, and Hawar Island where they built the famous wells which still exists in the Hawar island, and which dates back to the last three centuries. Moreover, the Al Fakhro is now distributed within Al-Khor, Al-Wakrah, Al-Jasra, and Doha. Some of them have settled in Al-Manama, and Muharraq, Bahrain; in ash-Sharqiyah, and Jubail, Saudi Arabia; and also in Kuwait and United Arab Emirates.

Fakhro says: Fakhro ist ein libanesisch kurdischer Familien Name der in mehreren Ländern bekannt ist. So wie z.b. : Deutschlad Schweden Libanon Türkei

Fakhro says: Fakhro ist ein libanesisch kurdischer Familien Name der in mehreren Ländern bekannt ist. So wie z.b. : Deutschlad Schweden Libanon Türkei

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Beroemde mensen: Yousef Fakhro, Yousif bin Abdulrahman Fakhro

schrijvers: Munira A. Fakhro

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