Statistieken en betekenis van de naam van Cattoni

Gebruik: 1% als voornaam, 99% als achternaam.
De voornaam Cattoni werd 9 keer gevonden in 3 verschillende landen.
De achternaam Cattoni wordt minstens 517 keer gebruikt in ten minste 14 landen.
Chinese: 卡托尼 (pinyin: kǎ tuō ní)

      Surname Cattoni
Gegeven namen
Franco Cattoni (7)
Luigi Cattoni (6)
Stefano Cattoni (6)
Giovanni Cattoni (5)
Mario Cattoni (5)
Carla Cattoni (4)
Aldo Cattoni (4)
Claudio Cattoni (4)
Bruno Cattoni (4)
Marco Cattoni (4)
Alberto Cattoni (4)
Gianni Cattoni (4)
Walter Cattoni (4)
Paola Cattoni (4)
Giuseppe Cattoni (4)
Gianfranco Cattoni (4)
Elena Cattoni (3)
Pierre Cattoni (3)
Massimo Cattoni (3)
Emilio Cattoni (3)
Sergio Cattoni (3)
Marina Cattoni (3)
Pietro Cattoni (3)
Guido Cattoni (3)
Antonio Cattoni (3)
Maria Cattoni (3)
Mauro Cattoni (3)
Cesare Cattoni (3)
Andrea Cattoni (2)
Renato Cattoni (2)
Stephane Cattoni (2)
Fabrizio Cattoni (2)
Giorgio Cattoni (2)
Giampietro Cattoni (2)
Salvatore Cattoni (2)
Pierangelo Cattoni (2)
Emilia Cattoni (2)
Roberto Cattoni (2)
Graziella Cattoni (2)
Alessandro Cattoni (2)
Michele Cattoni (2)
Carlo Cattoni (2)
Peter Cattoni (2)
Paolo Cattoni (2)
Daniela Cattoni (2)
Estevan Cattoni (2)
Davide Cattoni (2)
Vittorio Cattoni (2)
Ferruccio Cattoni (2)
Angela Cattoni (2)
Grazia Cattoni (2)
Adriano Cattoni (2)
Lorenzo Cattoni (2)
Germano Cattoni (2)
Marcello Cattoni (1)
Albertina Cattoni (1)
Ivo Cattoni (1)
Marisa Cattoni (1)
Marta Cattoni (1)
Quintilio Cattoni (1)
Rolando Cattoni (1)
Rita Cattoni (1)
Orlando Cattoni (1)
Primo Cattoni (1)
Nicola Cattoni (1)
Roldano Cattoni (1)
Remo Cattoni (1)
Serafina Cattoni (1)
Rosetta Cattoni (1)
Nerina Cattoni (1)
Sonia Cattoni (1)
Eric Cattoni (1)
Fernando Cattoni (1)
Jose Cattoni (1)
Manuel Cattoni (1)
Thierry Cattoni (1)
Rene Cattoni (1)
Romain Cattoni (1)
Chantal Cattoni (1)
Anita Cattoni (1)
Giampaolo Cattoni (1)
Anna Cattoni (1)
Ines Cattoni (1)
Rico Cattoni (1)
Ursi Cattoni (1)
Hans Cattoni (1)
Marino Cattoni (1)
Marie Cattoni (1)
Martine Cattoni (1)
Ludovic Cattoni (1)
Sandrine Cattoni (1)
Christophe Cattoni (1)
Christine Cattoni (1)
Alain Cattoni (1)
Brice Cattoni (1)
Iole Cattoni (1)
Annabel Cattoni (1)
Line Cattoni (1)
Louis Cattoni (1)
Guillaume Cattoni (1)
Gerard Cattoni (1)
Dominique Cattoni (1)
Geoffrey Cattoni (1)
Anne Cattoni (1)
Samuele Cattoni (1)
Arturo Cattoni (1)
Augusto Cattoni (1)
Armando Cattoni (1)
Angelo Cattoni (1)
Adelio Cattoni (1)
Adriana Cattoni (1)
Carolina Cattoni (1)
Dalida Cattoni (1)
Ercole Cattoni (1)
Ermenegildo Cattoni (1)
Enrico Cattoni (1)
Elvira Cattoni (1)
Diana Cattoni (1)
Riccardo Cattoni (1)
Pierluigi Cattoni (1)
Leo Cattoni (1)
Ann Cattoni (1)
Shannon Cattoni (1)
Alex Cattoni (1)
Garry Cattoni (1)
Jerry Cattoni (1)
Monika Cattoni (1)
Gigliola Cattoni (1)
Giancarlo Cattoni (1)
Ultimio Cattoni (1)
Patrizia Cattoni (1)
Luciano Cattoni (1)
Ernesto Cattoni (1)
Fermo Cattoni (1)
Olga Cattoni (1)
Agnese Cattoni (1)
Vincenzo Cattoni (1)
Nicoletta Cattoni (1)
Tarcisio Cattoni (1)
Ugo Cattoni (1)
Bruna Cattoni (1)
Edoardo Cattoni (1)
Giuliano Cattoni (1)
Giulio Cattoni (1)
Gabriele Cattoni (1)
Ezio Cattoni (1)
Elisa Cattoni (1)
Silvana Cattoni (1)
Adrian Cattoni (1)
Giulia Cattoni (1)
Giuseppina Cattoni (1)
Gerolamo Cattoni (1)
Gaetano Cattoni (1)
Flavio Cattoni (1)
Irene Cattoni (1)
Liliana Cattoni (1)
Raffaella Cattoni (1)
Rinaldo Cattoni (1)
Oscar Cattoni (1)
Luigia Cattoni (1)
Lino Cattoni (1)
Iolanda Cattoni (1)

Given name Cattoni

Cattoni   Cattoni   Cattoni   Cattoni   

Cattoni reversed is Inottac
Name contains 7 letters - 42.86% vowels and 57.14% consonants.

Anagrams: Ctaitno Totanic Toacint Cattion Atitnoc
Misspells: Cottoni Cattony Cattonj Cattone Cattonia Ctatoni Cattoin Cattnoi

Rijmen: Beefaroni Joni Marconi Moroni Toni Zamboni macaroni bony pony stony ratione crony

Meaning of this name is unknown.
osnir ambrosio cattoni says: cattoni italia

Ed Cattoni says: There are three theories that explain the origin and meaning of the CATTONI surname. The first theory is that it is a contraction for the Italian words CASA DI TONI giving the word CA’TONI which means House of Toni or House of Anthony in English. It is believed that the extra “T” was added to improve the sound of the name in the local dialect. This may also have a link to the omission of the “H” in the oldest recorded spelling of the CATHONI surname. (Aldo CATTONI, 1997, Grottaferrata, Italy.) The second theory for the CATTONI surname is that it is a derivative of CATTANI. There are references to CATTANI in the towns of Termon (1673) and Denno (1424) in the Val di Non area of Trento which adjoins Cavedine. Here too there are many variations to the spelling of the surname. CATTANI is derived from the Latin word “Mezichataneus” meaning lower nobles. As detailed in the book by Joseph G. Fucilla called “Our Italian Surnames” it means “captain, commander or leader”. It was formed from references to lower Lombardi nobility. The “Signori” or nobles from Terlago were known as “Nobili or Cattani”. The third theory centres on the fact that one of the early spellings for CATTONI is written as CATO. It can be argued that there is a link with famous Roman historical characters carrying the CATO surname. The first was the Roman statesman and orator Marcus Porcius CATO also known as CATO the Censor or CATO the Elder (234-149 BC) who was celebrated for his uprightness and strenuous support of the old Roman simplicity and discipline. He was also author of the “Origines” and “De Re Rustica”. Marcus Porcius CATO was well remembered in Roman times for ending all his speeches with the words “Delenda est Carthago” meaning “Carthage must be Destroyed”. He was followed by his great grandson CATO the Younger (95-46 BC), stoic and enemy of Julius Caesar who killed himself at Utica after the battle of Thapsus. The next was PubliusValerius CATO (1st century BC) who was a freeman of Gaul who was a preeminent grammarian and poet in the time of Sulla. Of his works only two poems survive: the “Lydia” and the “ Diana”. Dionysius Cato, 3rd-4th century A.D. was a Roman writer and supposed author of “Dionysii Catonis disticha de moribus ad filium”, a collection of moral apothegms much admired in the Middle Ages. (Cassell’s Latin Dictionary, 1968, Macmillan, N.Y.)

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