Statistieken en betekenis van de naam van Ades

Gebruik: 6% als voornaam, 94% als achternaam.
De voornaam Ades werd 103 keer gevonden in 15 verschillende landen.
De achternaam Ades wordt minstens 1525 keer gebruikt in ten minste 24 landen.
Het geslacht van de voornaam Ades is 0% vrouwelijk en 100% mannelijk.
Chinese: 埃兹 (pinyin: āi zī)

      Surname Ades
Gegeven namen
David Ades (9)
Christopher Ades (6)
Benjamin Ades (4)
Lauren Ades (3)
Robert Ades (3)
Valerie Ades (3)
Timothy Ades (3)
Joseph Ades (3)
Raymond Ades (3)
Colin Ades (3)
Sarah Ades (2)
Nicholas Ades (2)
Kim Ades (2)
Esther Ades (2)
Pamela Ades (2)
Christian Ades (2)
Alexandre Ades (2)
Claude Ades (2)
Marie Ades (2)
Yvonne Ades (2)
Ahmed Ades (2)
Alain Ades (2)
Gerard Ades (2)
Jeanne Ades (2)
Bernard Ades (2)
Jean Ades (2)
Charles Ades (2)
Richard Ades (2)
Gordon Ades (2)
Anne Ades (2)
Anthony Ades (2)
Angela Ades (2)
Andrew Ades (2)
Selim Ades (2)
Alison Ades (2)
Michael Ades (2)
Arthur Ades (2)
Carole Ades (1)
Giuseppe Ades (1)
Henri Ades (1)
Ida Ades (1)
Dana Ades (1)
Albert Ades (1)
Thibaud Ades (1)
Annie Ades (1)
Damian Ades (1)
Gerson Ades (1)
Dennis Ades (1)
Renaud Ades (1)
Justine Ades (1)
Jeannot Ades (1)
Victor Ades (1)
Sro Ades (1)
Fernand Ades (1)
Lucie Ades (1)
Magaly Ades (1)
Yvette Ades (1)
Mireille Ades (1)
Veronique Ades (1)
Matthieu Ades (1)
Antoine Ades (1)
Brigitte Ades (1)
Nadia Ades (1)
Thierry Ades (1)
Monique Ades (1)
Mohamed Ades (1)
Michel Ades (1)
Remi Ades (1)
Ron Ades (1)
Mathilde Ades (1)
Emmanuel Ades (1)
Micheline Ades (1)
Joelle Ades (1)
Mathieu Ades (1)
Maryses Ades (1)
Erik Ades (1)
Dominique Ades (1)
Corinne Ades (1)
Barbara Ades (1)
Estelle Ades (1)
Gilles Ades (1)
Charleen Ades (1)
Lily Ades (1)
Leon Ades (1)
Jamal Ades (1)
Georges Ades (1)
Roger Ades (1)
Freda Ades (1)
Henry Ades (1)
Francis Ades (1)
Fiona Ades (1)
Blodwen Ades (1)
Jennifer Ades (1)
Jenny Ades (1)
Josephine Ades (1)
Avis Ades (1)
John Ades (1)
Joanna Ades (1)
Eleonore Ades (1)
Doris Ades (1)
Clive Ades (1)
Brett Ades (1)
Carol Ades (1)
Christina Ades (1)
Chris Ades (1)
Cyril Ades (1)
Daniel Ades (1)
Dean Ades (1)
Dawn Ades (1)
Darren Ades (1)
Daphne Ades (1)
Karim Ades (1)
Kenneth Ades (1)
Andrea Ades (1)
William Ades (1)
Thomas Ades (1)
Susan Ades (1)
Steven Ades (1)
Yasser Ades (1)
Liliane Ades (1)
Anette Ades (1)
Alphonse Ades (1)
Charlotte Ades (1)
Patricia Ades (1)
Sandra Ades (1)
Rosemary Ades (1)
Lorraine Ades (1)
Marcelle Ades (1)
Linda Ades (1)
Apmela Ades (1)
Khaled Ades (1)
Matthew Ades (1)
Melanie Ades (1)
Gary Ades (1)
Penelope Ades (1)
Pauline Ades (1)
Michelle Ades (1)
Alan Ades (1)

Given name Ades
Ades Reality (5)
Ades Daoud (1)
Ades Roncarati (1)
Ades Riccucci (1)
Ades Abrahamian (1)
Ades Victorio (1)
Ades Michaud (1)

Ades   Ades   Ades   

Ades reversed is Seda
Name contains 4 letters - 50.00% vowels and 50.00% consonants.

Anagrams: Adse Aeds Desa Saed Ased Seda Sdea Deas
Misspells: Odes Adess Adesa Aeds Adse

Rijmen: Alcibiades Andes Archimedes Aristides Cascades Crusades Cyclades aids aides sh raids f

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Bruce Ades says: "ADES" [also spelled ADAS] among other origins, is derived from Arabic meaning "lentil". The village of the same name,near Aleppo, Syria was destroyed slowly between WWI and 1986. ADES Wadi remains easily locatable:

Bruce Ades says: Further research has documented that the name ADES originated in Ireland in the 10th century. The first named person was ADE - as surnames were unknown or not used then. As documented in the Book of Kells and land records of the Irish Catholic Church, ADE had children and the children (as were wives) were 'chattel' or property of the man. So all property was referred to as ADE's (possessive). There are British history (at Oxford) as well as the famous Doomsday Book which refer to ADES. One or more ADES' volunteered or were conscripted to service during the Crusades of the 12th century and one or more stayed in Egypt for reasons unknown. They settled in a farm area (as previously noted in my article above) which became known as ADES. Ironically, the transliteration of the word ADES into Arabic forms the word lentil - which is what the ADES family farmed. Until the source of the name ADES was settled two years ago (by research); every mention of the family of ADES with that exact name (and whom by DNA/RNA) have been proven to originate in the peoples of Northern Europe. Over people have this surname, but it is either another transliteration, shortening of another surname, or some variation thereof. The branch of ADES to which I belong arrived in Alabama in 1848 to escape the potato famine in Ireland that cut that population in half due to death or migration. Though there is a minority branch that appears to have accepted Judaism sometime after the Reformation in Eastern Europe (apparently reverse migrating from Egypt through Turkey then into Ukraine and Poland); the majority in Egypt are Coptic Christian, while (per baptism certificates) all those from Ireland / England are Irish Catholic.

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Beroemde mensen: Ade Jantra Lukmana, Ade Candra Rachmawan, Shafiq Ades, Steven Robert Ades

schrijvers: Lola Ades, Jean Ades, Philip Ades

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