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We have no records about Zingerle being used as firstname.
De achternaam Zingerle wordt minstens 334 keer gebruikt in ten minste 8 landen.
Chinese: 青格勒 (pinyin: qīng gé lè)

      Surname Zingerle
Gegeven namen
Pietro Zingerle (14)
Johann Zingerle (9)
Paul Zingerle (8)
Walter Zingerle (6)
Andreas Zingerle (6)
Alois Zingerle (5)
Reinhard Zingerle (5)
Karl Zingerle (5)
Hermann Zingerle (5)
Josef Zingerle (5)
Eduard Zingerle (4)
Anna Zingerle (4)
Martin Zingerle (4)
Ludwig Zingerle (4)
Martha Zingerle (3)
Franz Zingerle (3)
Ernst Zingerle (3)
Erna Zingerle (3)
Michaela Zingerle (3)
Hans Zingerle (3)
Gottfried Zingerle (3)
Helmuth Zingerle (3)
Erich Zingerle (3)
Hubert Zingerle (3)
Bernhard Zingerle (3)
Elisabeth Zingerle (3)
Helmut Zingerle (2)
Daniel Zingerle (2)
Genevieve Zingerle (2)
Meinrad Zingerle (2)
Mechthilde Zingerle (2)
Michael Zingerle (2)
Marianne Zingerle (2)
Waltraud Zingerle (2)
Martina Zingerle (2)
Gunter Zingerle (2)
Alexandra Zingerle (2)
Christine Zingerle (2)
Oskar Zingerle (2)
Stefano Zingerle (2)
Ingrid Zingerle (2)
Rudolf Zingerle (2)
Kurt Zingerle (2)
Sebastian Zingerle (2)
Theresia Zingerle (2)
Richard Zingerle (2)
Stefania Zingerle (2)
Claude Zingerle (2)
Raffaella Zingerle (2)
Wolfgang Zingerle (2)
Monika Zingerle (2)
Robert Zingerle (2)
Georg Zingerle (2)
Giuseppe Zingerle (2)
Konrad Zingerle (2)
Claudia Zingerle (2)
Ferdinand Zingerle (2)
Alberto Zingerle (2)
Elena Zingerle (2)
Emma Zingerle (2)
Erika Zingerle (2)
Guido Zingerle (2)
Christoph Zingerle (2)
Alfredo Zingerle (2)
Albert Zingerle (2)
Brigitte Zingerle (2)
Karin Zingerle (2)
Anton Zingerle (2)
Heinrich Zingerle (2)
Harald Zingerle (2)
Friedrich Zingerle (1)
Daniela Zingerle (1)
Elfriede Zingerle (1)
David Zingerle (1)
Christian Zingerle (1)
Dieter Zingerle (1)
Anita Zingerle (1)
Armin Zingerle (1)
Aloisia Zingerle (1)
Thomas Zingerle (1)
Gerhart Zingerle (1)
Renate Zingerle (1)
Gabriele Zingerle (1)
Alda Zingerle (1)
Hartmann Zingerle (1)
Birgit Zingerle (1)
Madeleine Zingerle (1)
Veronika Zingerle (1)
Tanja Zingerle (1)
Simone Zingerle (1)
Ivonne Zingerle (1)
Wilfried Zingerle (1)
Hermine Zingerle (1)
Peter Zingerle (1)
Willi Zingerle (1)
Roberto Zingerle (1)
Notburga Zingerle (1)
Alfons Zingerle (1)
Klara Zingerle (1)
Hedwig Zingerle (1)
Manfred Zingerle (1)
Margarethe Zingerle (1)
Markus Zingerle (1)
Maria Zingerle (1)
Hannes Zingerle (1)
Romain Zingerle (1)
Rudi Zingerle (1)
Gertrud Zingerle (1)
Giovanni Zingerle (1)
Elmar Zingerle (1)
Cristian Zingerle (1)
Valentin Zingerle (1)
Urban Zingerle (1)
Ulrich Zingerle (1)
Graziella Zingerle (1)
Norbert Zingerle (1)
Marijke Zingerle (1)
Luisa Zingerle (1)
Klotilde Zingerle (1)
Kathi Zingerle (1)
Kassian Zingerle (1)
Nikolaus Zingerle (1)
Irene Zingerle (1)
Alain Zingerle (1)
Bonifaz Zingerle (1)
Cedric Zingerle (1)
Thierry Zingerle (1)
Gilbert Zingerle (1)
Ruth Zingerle (1)
Anneliese Zingerle (1)
Florian Zingerle (1)
August Zingerle (1)
Arnold Zingerle (1)
Colette Zingerle (1)
Johannes Zingerle (1)
Noele Zingerle (1)
Georges Zingerle (1)
Augustin Zingerle (1)
Olivier Zingerle (1)
George Zingerle (1)
Raymond Zingerle (1)
Gertraud Zingerle (1)

Zingerle   Zingerle   Zingerle   Zingerle   

Zingerle reversed is Elregniz
Name contains 8 letters - 37.50% vowels and 62.50% consonants.

Anagrams: Nrielzeg
Misspells: Zingelle Zingerrle Zyngerle Zjngerle Zengerle Zingerlea Znigerle Zingerel Zingelre

Rijmen: Berle Merle Earle immoral floral unmoral moral quarrel

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Gunter Egon Zingerle says: Meaning of the name ZINGERLE: Acording to Prof.HD Pohl(University Klagenfurt) means ZINGER or SINGER a small bell eg for cattle.Something smaller is a bell for sheep and goats,the ZINGERLE or SINGERLE.Theese terms come from Tyrol,East-Tyrol(Austria) and very frequently from South-Tyrol(present Italy).Zingerle were famous in Tyrol for collecting and writing tales and fairy tales of Tyrol at University of Insbruck but also as eg psychiatrist in Graz.The "oldest" ZINGERLES I could find were Georg Zingerle at 1256 in Meran,South Tyrol and another Zingerle 1264 in Regensburg/Bavaria-Germany. A young descendant in the range of writers in the family is Roland Zingerle, an author for crime novels but also travel reports as globetrotter and eg reports to the faith of poor indian people at Amazon River.

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Beroemde mensen: Andreas Zingerle, Pius Zingerle, Hermann Zingerle, Franz Zingerle, Ignaz Vincenz Zingerle

schrijvers: Pio Zingerle, Anton Zingerle, Joseph Zingerle, Ignaz Vinzenz Zingerle

            Faces of people named Zingerle

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