Statistieken en betekenis van de naam van Talaba

Gebruik: 2% als voornaam, 98% als achternaam.
De voornaam Talaba werd 10 keer gevonden in 6 verschillende landen.
De achternaam Talaba wordt minstens 466 keer gebruikt in ten minste 19 landen.
De oorsprong van deze naam is Romanian.
Chinese: 塔拉巴 (pinyin: tǎ lā bā)

      Surname Talaba
Gegeven namen
Gheorghe Talaba (27)
Ion Talaba (18)
Dumitru Talaba (13)
Constantin Talaba (10)
Ioan Talaba (10)
Maria Talaba (8)
Nicolae Talaba (8)
Adrian Talaba (7)
Georgeta Talaba (6)
Andrei Talaba (6)
Vasile Talaba (6)
Viorel Talaba (6)
Mihai Talaba (5)
Paraschiva Talaba (5)
Stefan Talaba (5)
Neculai Talaba (4)
Costica Talaba (4)
Alexandru Talaba (4)
Elvira Talaba (3)
Valerica Talaba (3)
Sorin Talaba (3)
Dorel Talaba (3)
Victor Talaba (3)
Victoria Talaba (3)
Ioana Talaba (3)
Anica Talaba (3)
Valeria Talaba (3)
Marin Talaba (3)
Nela Talaba (2)
Nicu Talaba (2)
Ionel Talaba (2)
Paula Talaba (2)
Patru Talaba (2)
Stefania Talaba (2)
Grigorita Talaba (2)
Sevastian Talaba (2)
Hristudor Talaba (2)
Niculai Talaba (2)
Petrache Talaba (2)
Mihalache Talaba (2)
Grigore Talaba (2)
Tudor Talaba (2)
Lucian Talaba (2)
Mircea Talaba (2)
Nicolai Talaba (2)
Stanica Talaba (2)
Marian Talaba (2)
Valeriu Talaba (2)
Niculina Talaba (2)
Laurentiu Talaba (2)
Monica Talaba (2)
Giurgea Talaba (2)
Danila Talaba (2)
Daniel Talaba (2)
Ana Talaba (2)
Amalia Talaba (2)
Alfons Talaba (2)
Doina Talaba (2)
Anghelina Talaba (2)
Apostol Talaba (2)
Balasa Talaba (2)
Constanta Talaba (2)
Cornel Talaba (2)
Aurel Talaba (2)
Costel Talaba (2)
Ecaterina Talaba (2)
Dumitra Talaba (2)
Vladimir Talaba (2)
Gherghina Talaba (2)
Gica Talaba (2)
Eugenia Talaba (2)
Fevronia Talaba (2)
Elena Talaba (2)
Camelia Talaba (2)
Michal Talaba (1)
Saveta Talaba (1)
Dariusz Talaba (1)
Bratoi Talaba (1)
Pavol Talaba (1)
Simion Talaba (1)
Marianna Talaba (1)
Adriana Talaba (1)
Sofia Talaba (1)
Miroslav Talaba (1)
Fabrice Talaba (1)
Vasilica Talaba (1)
Serjus Talaba (1)
Vaida Talaba (1)
Verginica Talaba (1)
Luke Talaba (1)
Bogdan Talaba (1)
Flavran Talaba (1)
Dorin Talaba (1)
Toma Talaba (1)
Doru Talaba (1)
Silvia Talaba (1)
Steluta Talaba (1)
Stoiana Talaba (1)
Rodica Talaba (1)
David Talaba (1)
Tatiana Talaba (1)
Stelian Talaba (1)
Marcela Talaba (1)
Filofteia Talaba (1)
Eugen Talaba (1)
Elisaveta Talaba (1)
Dochia Talaba (1)
Florentina Talaba (1)
Gabriela Talaba (1)
Iftimie Talaba (1)
Hristache Talaba (1)
Gianina Talaba (1)
Daniela Talaba (1)
Cristina Talaba (1)
Aneta Talaba (1)
Aglaia Talaba (1)
Codrin Talaba (1)
Olga Talaba (1)
Anton Talaba (1)
Benone Talaba (1)
Cornelia Talaba (1)
Constantina Talaba (1)
Claudiu Talaba (1)
Ionica Talaba (1)
Irina Talaba (1)
Nicusor Talaba (1)
Nicoleta Talaba (1)
Nelu Talaba (1)
Neculcea Talaba (1)
Octavian Talaba (1)
Ovidiu Talaba (1)
Pompilica Talaba (1)
Petruta Talaba (1)
Petru Talaba (1)
Marioara Talaba (1)
Mariea Talaba (1)
Jenica Talaba (1)
Iuri Talaba (1)
Iulian Talaba (1)
Lacramioara Talaba (1)
Lenuta Talaba (1)
Marcel Talaba (1)
Luana Talaba (1)
Liliana Talaba (1)
Rares Talaba (1)

Given name Talaba
Talaba Laugotherm (1)
Talaba Andrei (1)

Talaba   Talaba   Talaba   

Talaba reversed is Abalat
Name contains 6 letters - 50.00% vowels and 50.00% consonants.

Anagrams: Atalab Alaatb Talbaa Ltabaa Altaab Tlabaa Baatla
Misspells: Tolaba Talabaa Tlaaba Talaab Talbaa

Rijmen: Kaaba Orizaba errata papilla yucca alumna bandanna

Betekenis van de naam van Talaba is: from the word 'tagă' variant of 'tăgadă' = 'denial' ; see also the Bulgarian name [Taga]
Talaba George Alexandru says: The name Talabă is one of the first Romanian names recorded in historical chronicles, or to be more exact, one of the first Wallachian names (as Romanians were called by the Hungarians who were ruling over Transylvania). The name was first attested in the 11th century, alongside names such as Basarab, Negru etc. The geographical region where the name is said to have come from, and where the name has the highest occurence rate in Romania, mainly central Romania, in the county of Brasov, has also been populated by a nomadic Turkic tribe called the Cumans, who also enacted their own Khaganate over much of Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. This khaganate did not last long, as the Mongols came and pushed them away towards Pannonia. The little that have remained were assimilated into the local population. Within the contextual geographical area, only but a few traces of the Cumans passing is still present, mostly in village names (e.g. Comana de Sus, Comana de Jos). The word talaba is found in many Turkic languages, and means ”oyster”. The name thus might have Cumanic origins, which for most Romanian nationalists would account for a blasphemical notion, yet history must be taken into account for what it is, not for what others desire it to be.

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Old Wiki
Name: Talaba
Language: Romanian
Meaning: from the word talabă variant of grapă = harrow ; see also the toponymic name Talaba
Comments: Talaba ,Talabă , Tălabă

schrijvers: Doru Talaba

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