Statistieken en betekenis van de naam van Schwabauer

Gebruik: 2% als voornaam, 98% als achternaam.
De voornaam Schwabauer werd 12 keer gevonden in 2 verschillende landen. (USA,Russia)
De achternaam Schwabauer wordt minstens 544 keer gebruikt in ten minste 5 landen.

      Surname Schwabauer
Gegeven namen
Alexander Schwabauer (39)
Viktor Schwabauer (16)
Waldemar Schwabauer (14)
Andreas Schwabauer (8)
Jakob Schwabauer (8)
Wladimir Schwabauer (7)
Valentina Schwabauer (6)
Maria Schwabauer (5)
Olga Schwabauer (5)
Konstantin Schwabauer (5)
Robert Schwabauer (4)
Irina Schwabauer (4)
Anna Schwabauer (3)
Arnold Schwabauer (3)
Andrei Schwabauer (3)
Friedrich Schwabauer (3)
Andrej Schwabauer (3)
Johannes Schwabauer (3)
Natalia Schwabauer (2)
Erich Schwabauer (2)
Swetlana Schwabauer (2)
Ivan Schwabauer (2)
Johann Schwabauer (2)
Regina Schwabauer (2)
Helene Schwabauer (2)
Eugen Schwabauer (2)
Alfira Schwabauer (2)
Boris Schwabauer (2)
Albert Schwabauer (2)
Artur Schwabauer (2)
Vladimir Schwabauer (2)
Waleri Schwabauer (2)
Nikolai Schwabauer (1)
Wassili Schwabauer (1)
Nikolaj Schwabauer (1)
Wilhelm Schwabauer (1)
Witalij Schwabauer (1)
Natalja Schwabauer (1)
Yjubov Schwabauer (1)
Margarete Schwabauer (1)
Ludmila Schwabauer (1)
Max Schwabauer (1)
Milidina Schwabauer (1)
Natali Schwabauer (1)
Wladislaw Schwabauer (1)
Nadeshda Schwabauer (1)
Nikolaus Schwabauer (1)
Nikolj Schwabauer (1)
Tamara Schwabauer (1)
Ljubow Schwabauer (1)
Vitali Schwabauer (1)
Tatjana Schwabauer (1)
Victor Schwabauer (1)
Vera Schwabauer (1)
Torsten Schwabauer (1)
Sergey Schwabauer (1)
Rudolf Schwabauer (1)
Paul Schwabauer (1)
Nina Schwabauer (1)
Vallentina Schwabauer (1)
Philipp Schwabauer (1)
Reinhold Schwabauer (1)
Rosa Schwabauer (1)
Vitalij Schwabauer (1)
Vladislav Schwabauer (1)
Juri Schwabauer (1)
Ella Schwabauer (1)
Elena Schwabauer (1)
Edmund Schwabauer (1)
Dennis Schwabauer (1)
Elvira Schwabauer (1)
Emilie Schwabauer (1)
Eugenija Schwabauer (1)
Erna Schwabauer (1)
Erika Schwabauer (1)
Emma Schwabauer (1)
Bruno Schwabauer (1)
Berta Schwabauer (1)
Alexei Schwabauer (1)
Alex Schwabauer (1)
Adolf Schwabauer (1)
Adiana Schwabauer (1)
Amalia Schwabauer (1)
Anatoli Schwabauer (1)
Arthur Schwabauer (1)
Antonina Schwabauer (1)
Andre Schwabauer (1)
Ewgenia Schwabauer (1)
Fejodor Schwabauer (1)
Klaus Schwabauer (1)
Katharina Schwabauer (1)
Kaspar Schwabauer (1)
Julia Schwabauer (1)
Kristina Schwabauer (1)
Larisa Schwabauer (1)
Lidia Schwabauer (1)
Leo Schwabauer (1)
Larissa Schwabauer (1)
Jewgeni Schwabauer (1)
Irma Schwabauer (1)
Gennadij Schwabauer (1)
Gabriela Schwabauer (1)
Fritz Schwabauer (1)
Frieda Schwabauer (1)
Heinrich Schwabauer (1)
Heinz Schwabauer (1)
Irene Schwabauer (1)
Igor Schwabauer (1)
Helena Schwabauer (1)
Lilija Schwabauer (1)

Schwabauer   Schwabauer   

Schwabauer reversed is Reuabawhcs
Name contains 10 letters - 40.00% vowels and 60.00% consonants.

Anagrams: Wacsaberuh Ebcarsuwha
Misspells: Schwobauer Schwabauel Schwabauerr Sschwabauer Schvvabauer Schwabauera Shcwabauer Schwabaure Schwabaeur

Rijmen: Adenauer Bauer Schopenhauer beleaguer horsepower wallflower strawflower allpower ballflower

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Thomas says: The Surname "Schwabauer" is derived from the austrian surname "Gschwendtbauer", which is composed by "schwendt" and "bauer" and was formed around 1500. Before 1500 they were called "Schwendtmeier", composed by "schwendt"=to deforest and "Meier"=stewart. So the Schwendtmeier family was the family in charge for the landlord to deforest the land and to keep it clear. Where was that? In the german part of the bohemian forest. Their home farm was at St. Veit im Muehlkreis. Around 1500 they received the so called "Freibrief" i.e. a confirmation in which their status as free farmers on own land was certified. This was why they modified their surname into Gschwendtbauer before the surnames became fixed which also was around 1500. 1583 St. Veit converted to a radical interpretation of lutheran faith among them also the Gschwendtbauer. 1632 a group of volunteers, among them several Gschwendtbauer joined the swedish lutheran army. After their defeat in 1634 they had to retreat to Alsace and Palatia and remained there for 2-3 generations. There the name was modified to Schwe/a/i(m)bauer, depending on the clerc noting it down. 1653 the family of the owner of the Schwendt-farm emigrated to Ansbach / Franconia since they refused to convert to catholicism; their descendants still live there. This was the last splitt off of Lutherans from the Schwendt-farm. Each ancestor of a Schwa/e/i/m/ndt/bauer who is lutheran left the farm before 1653. 1688 when the french invaded that territory, they were pressed eastard towards the river rhine and began to loose contact among each other. One group got stuck around Karlsruhe and their surname around 1700 was modified to Senbauer / Ze(h)nbauer / Sembower / Zembower A second group migrated via Stein-Bockenheim and Hassloch whereby their surname was modified into Schwabauer, towards the river Wolga in Russia around 1755 and around 1860 some of them moved to Argentina. 1845 pedonage was abolished in Austria. From now on particularly catholic Schwendtbauer began to migrate e.g. to the US, where their surname frequently was modified by English speaking immigration-officers to Schembor / Suebauer / Schwobauer etc. A detailed family tree of the Schwendtbauer is listed on the my herritage website.

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schrijvers: Daniel Schwabauer

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