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Gebruik: 0% als voornaam, 100% als achternaam.
De voornaam Saphore werd 1 keer gevonden in 1 verschillende landen. (USA)
De achternaam Saphore wordt minstens 123 keer gebruikt in ten minste 4 landen.

      Surname Saphore
Gegeven namen
Pierre Saphore (4)
Jean Saphore (3)
Franck Saphore (2)
Gerard Saphore (2)
Bernard Saphore (2)
Benoit Saphore (2)
Nicolas Saphore (2)
Yves Saphore (1)
Romain Saphore (1)
Rene Saphore (1)
Robert Saphore (1)
Martine Saphore (1)
Stephanie Saphore (1)
Suzanne Saphore (1)
Christelle Saphore (1)
Georges Saphore (1)
Michele Saphore (1)
Michelle Saphore (1)
Jeanine Saphore (1)
Laurent Saphore (1)
Michel Saphore (1)
Patrick Saphore (1)
Danielle Saphore (1)
Marcelle Saphore (1)
Brice Saphore (1)
Sebastien Saphore (1)
Nathalie Saphore (1)
Christiane Saphore (1)
Damien Saphore (1)
Daniel Saphore (1)
David Saphore (1)
Charlotte Saphore (1)
Carole Saphore (1)
Alice Saphore (1)
Andre Saphore (1)
Carine Saphore (1)
Eliane Saphore (1)
Fabrice Saphore (1)
Marcel Saphore (1)
Marthe Saphore (1)
Marylene Saphore (1)
Alexandra Saphore (1)
Marc Saphore (1)
Ludovic Saphore (1)
Gilbert Saphore (1)
Henri Saphore (1)
Isabelle Saphore (1)
Patricia Saphore (1)

Saphore   Saphore   

Saphore reversed is Erohpas
Name contains 7 letters - 42.86% vowels and 57.14% consonants.

Anagrams: Spaehro Hopares Hoaserp Sahpeor Apehros
Misspells: Sophore Saphole Saphorre Ssaphore Saphorea Spahore Saphoer Saphroe

Rijmen: semaphore Lahore Terpsichore ashore chore inshore offshore fossil waffle novel docile nozzle

Meaning of this name is unknown.
Gln Sphr says: The name Sephar comes from the word group that formed around the noun ספר (seper), meaning book: According to BDB Theological Dictionary there's no real Hebrew root ספר (spr) because all words of this form are (probably) derived from an Assyrianloanword saparu, meaning to send (a message). HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament reports it comes from Akkadian words meaning writing or scribe, and that the root even means "to set out on a journey" in some Semitic regions. But wherever it came from, these loanwords paid off in quite a few derived Biblical words (and names): The masculine noun ספר (seper), denoting various kinds of writings: historical records (Genesis 5:1), legal documents (Deuteronomy 24:1), legal codes (Exodus 24:7), prophetic messages (Jeremiah 25:13). The feminine noun ספרה (sipra), also meaning book. This feminine variant occurs only once, in Psalm 56:8. The denominative verb ספר (sapar), which would be expected to mean to write or produce a ספר (seper), but is actually used only of general mathematical activity (in the words of HAW Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament): to count things (Genesis 15:5), to carefully observe (Job 14:16) or to recount (Judges 6:13). The masculine noun ספר (sopor) or ספור(sopor), meaning scribe, or someone who produces a ספר (seper) (Judges 5:14, Jeremiah 36:26). The masculine noun ספר (separ), meaning census (2 Chronicles 2:16 only). The feminine noun ספרה (sepora), meaning number, sum or amount (Psalm 71:15 only). The masculine noun מספר (mispar), meaning number or recount (Deuteronomy 33:6, Judges 7:14).

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