Statistieken en betekenis van de naam van Charmian

Gebruik: 96% als voornaam, 4% als achternaam.
De voornaam Charmian werd 646 keer gevonden in 15 verschillende landen.
De achternaam Charmian wordt minstens 26 keer gebruikt in ten minste 4 landen.
De oorsprong van deze naam is Greek.
Het geslacht van de voornaam Charmian is 100% vrouwelijk en 0% mannelijk.
Chinese: 夏米安 (pinyin: xià mǐ ān)

      Surname Charmian
Gegeven namen
Massomeh Charmian (1)

Given name Charmian
Charmian Eamus (3)
Charmian Werren (3)
Charmian Gritt (3)
Charmian Eaman (2)
Charmian Cotterill (2)
Charmian Licsauer (2)
Charmian Mchoy (2)
Charmian Eggar (2)
Charmian Cawood (2)
Charmian Fegen (2)
Charmian Hay (2)
Charmian Barraclough (2)
Charmian Bennet (2)
Charmian Petto (2)
Charmian Baring (2)
Charmian Ebhogiaye (2)
Charmian Tilbury (2)
Charmian Rebello (2)
Charmian Hattrell (2)
Charmian Frieze (2)
Charmian Bannister (2)
Charmian Mansell (2)
Charmian Chappell (1)
Charmian Cust (1)
Charmian Highstead (1)
Charmian Lovel (1)
Charmian Nex (1)
Charmian Lappage (1)
Charmian Kalic (1)
Charmian Howell (1)
Charmian Denison (1)
Charmian Bedford (1)
Charmian Dearling (1)
Charmian Pealling (1)
Charmian Kayes (1)
Charmian Mckeown (1)
Charmian Roddis (1)
Charmian Bakker (1)
Charmian Wicken (1)
Charmian Tinn (1)
Charmian Kerr (1)
Charmian Starr (1)
Charmian Stephens (1)
Charmian Beale (1)
Charmian Brooks (1)
Charmian Paramore (1)
Charmian Cowie (1)
Charmian Magee (1)
Charmian Outen (1)
Charmian Malpass (1)
Charmian Culliford (1)
Charmian Samwell (1)
Charmian Keane (1)
Charmian Markham (1)
Charmian Buzzard (1)
Charmian Toal (1)
Charmian Tottoh (1)
Charmian Wyett (1)
Charmian Lesser (1)
Charmian Taunton (1)
Charmian Major (1)
Charmian Putnam (1)
Charmian Waple (1)
Charmian Blackwood (1)
Charmian Burkey (1)
Charmian Common (1)
Charmian Lechner (1)
Charmian Bilger (1)
Charmian Keay (1)
Charmian Wylde (1)
Charmian Sheilds (1)
Charmian Wedd (1)
Charmian Sisley (1)
Charmian Silance (1)
Charmian Dawnay (1)
Charmian Eberle (1)
Charmian Goldwyn (1)
Charmian Eraut (1)
Charmian Pipe (1)
Charmian Perston (1)
Charmian Gooch (1)
Charmian Hunt (1)
Charmian Inman (1)
Charmian Mazzeo (1)
Charmian Hargrove (1)
Charmian Sharp (1)
Charmian Hasler (1)
Charmian Saward (1)
Charmian Salisbury (1)
Charmian Rookwood (1)
Charmian Hornsby (1)
Charmian Coxhill (1)
Charmian Patton (1)
Charmian Boyd (1)
Charmian Bromham (1)
Charmian Bullen (1)
Charmian Bollinger (1)
Charmian Boddey (1)
Charmian Balcomb (1)
Charmian Chugg (1)
Charmian Edge (1)
Charmian Wilkinson (1)
Charmian Rickers (1)
Charmian Marchelewski (1)
Charmian Oliver (1)
Charmian Porton (1)
Charmian Axelby (1)
Charmian Ranchev (1)
Charmian Clelland (1)
Charmian Colston (1)
Charmian Parton (1)
Charmian Bahorun (1)
Charmian Abrahams (1)
Charmian Barnes (1)
Charmian Baynham (1)
Charmian Hartley (1)
Charmian Love (1)
Charmian Shaforost (1)
Charmian Traverso (1)
Charmian McMillen (1)
Charmian Jacob (1)
Charmian Hembry (1)
Charmian Huggins (1)
Charmian Sherriffs (1)
Charmian Tamblyn (1)
Charmian Winnington (1)
Charmian Neveling (1)
Charmian Lythgoe (1)
Charmian Kingswell (1)
Charmian Kulikovsky (1)
Charmian Binney (1)
Charmian Brinson (1)
Charmian Grossett (1)
Charmian Devas (1)
Charmian Fitzherbert (1)
Charmian Griffin (1)
Charmian Greenyer (1)
Charmian Wheldon (1)
Charmian Law (1)
Charmian Goldney (1)
Charmian Hounslow (1)
Charmian Hine (1)
Charmian Fellows (1)
Charmian Mocatta (1)
Charmian Chapman (1)
Charmian Dunnage (1)
Charmian Beer (1)
Charmian Hardardt (1)
Charmian Rosher (1)
Charmian Jahn (1)
Charmian Warren (1)
Charmian Quinlan (1)
Charmian Harpur (1)
Charmian Hawkins (1)
Charmian Tye (1)
Charmian Barlow (1)
Charmian Edgerton (1)
Charmian Bunce (1)
Charmian Conant (1)
Charmian Edelman (1)
Charmian Lonnen (1)
Charmian Moggs (1)
Charmian Crabtree (1)
Charmian Dadley (1)
Charmian Filewood (1)
Charmian Nicklin (1)
Charmian Warnett (1)
Charmian Ransby (1)
Charmian Barttelot (1)
Charmian Dinnall (1)


Charmian reversed is Naimrahc
Name contains 8 letters - 37.50% vowels and 62.50% consonants.

Anagrams: Riacmanh Ahcarinm
Misspells: Chormian Chalmian Charrmian Charmyan Charmjan Charmean Charmiana Cahrmian Charmina Charmain

Rijmen: Permian Alabamian Bahamian Bohemian Damian bohemian guardian riparian bogyman caesarian

Betekenis van de naam van Charmian is: Joy, delight
Charmian says: In Latin it also means little song or little joy. Phoneticly can also be pronounced as mine is as (shar-me-an) Charmian. And is an anagram of chairman, which always amuses me ^_^

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Old Wiki
Name: Charmian
Gender: Feminine
Origin: Europe
Language: Greek
Thematic: Unknown Thematic
Meaning: Delightful
Comments: Charmian is the Anglicized form of the Late Greek name Kharmion, a diminutive of the word kharma, meaning 'delight', 'joy'. Sir Charles North used it in his translation of Plutarch's "Parallel Lives". In one of these lives, the "Life of Antony", Charmian (Kharmion) is mentioned as one of Cleopatra's faithful handmaidens. Shakespeare took the plot of his play "Antony and Cleopatra" - and the name Charmian - from North's translation of Plutarch. Prominent people named Charmian include Charmian London, second wife of the American writer Jack London and author of three books about their life together; Charmian Carr, American actress and singer, who played the eldest von Trapp daughter in the film "The Sound of Music"; and Charmian Campbell, English society beauty and portrait artist, best known for her portraying of children.

Beroemde mensen: Charmian Kittredge London, Charmian Carr, Charmian Clift, Charmian May, Charmian Campbell, Charmian Mellars, Charmian Welsh

schrijvers: Charmian Hussey, Charmian Watkins, Charmian London, Charmian Steele, Charmian Coulson, Charmian Edgerton, Charmian Stewart, Charmian Thirlwall, Charmian Murtey, Charmian Phillips, Charmian Foster, Charmian Coates, Charmian Clift, Charmian Larke, Charmian Cohen, Charmian Kenner, Charmian Mocatta, Charmian Brinson, Charmian Milne, Charmian Hughes

Boeken: "Charmian Watkins' clothes book" "Charmian Clift selected essays" "The life and myth of Charmian Clift" "The world of Charmian Clift"

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